• Do not eat or drink until all numbness has resolved at which point it is advised to avoid chewing on the treated tooth.
  • If given prescriptions, please follow instructions as written.
  • Apply ice to the affected area for 1-2 hours:  alternating 10-15 minutes on/10-15 minutes off, to help prevent swelling. Please do not apply ice directly to skin.
  • Discomfort following Root Canal Therapy is normal for a few days and in some cases, the discomfort may last a few weeks.
  • Please avoid chewing on the treated tooth until final restoration has been placed.
  • If any part of the temporary filling is missing or lost, please contact our office.
  • Avoid brushing the temporary filling for the first day, then follow with gentle brushing & flossing unless otherwise instructed by Doctor.
  • Once the Root Canal is completed, it is recommended that you follow up with your general dentist for permanent restoration of your tooth.

While flare-ups are rare, they can occur and cause significant pain. They occur with teeth that are extremely irritated and/or infected or with teeth that have a history of prior treatment. If you have a flare-up you may experience moderate to severe pain, swelling, throbbing or general discomfort; please contact our office, even after hours.